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International Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Spiritualist Minister!

Spirit Guides

Dr. Boardman –  Spirit Healer

One Moccasin – Spirit Doorkeeper

Quiet One – Spirit Runner

Yellow Bird – Spirit Teacher

Yellow Feather – Spirit Protector

Spirit Art by Reverend Dolly Beroni

Reverend Jane has worked with Spirit for nearly half a century. At the early age of six, Reverend Jane began to see Spirit in her grandmother’s closet. Beginning at the age of sixteen, Spirit started showing Reverend Jane visions of things yet to come to the people around her. This continued until the age of nineteen, when Reverend Jane sought further knowledge in Lily Dale, New York; the world’s largest community for Spiritualism.

It was in Lily Dale that Reverend Jane met one of two internationally known teachers who helped her develop her spiritual path. Reverend Jane became a Member of the Mediums League in Lily Dale, New York in 1996, and became a member of the Historical Society of Lily Dale in 2002.

Reverend Jane was Ordained a Spiritualist Minister through The Harmonial Philosophy Association on June 30, 1996 (a blue moon) and in numerology this date adds to 7 which is a spiritual number. Having a natural talent and studying under the guidance of kindred teachers, in 1998, Reverend Jane completed her 5 ½ hour test for Certification for Mediumship in Lily Dale, New York; through The Center for Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, Inc. Reverend Jane has been presenting & facilitating workshops at Lily Dale since 2004. In 2010, Reverend Jane facilitated a workshop with Ken Harsh at Lily Dale, and performed Healings at the Healing Temple. Reverend Jane completed the requirements, and earned the privilege of performing Healings at the Healing Temple.

Reverend Jane is a Certified Teacher with The Center for Divine Healing and Prophecy, Inc & The Spiritualist Mediumship Commission through the International General Assembly of Spiritualists since 1998.

Reverend Jane is a Certified Medium & Certified Healer with The Center for Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, Inc. & The Spiritualist Mediumship Commission through the International General Assembly of Spiritualists since 1999.

Reverend Jane is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist, and Certified Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapist through the Hypnosis International Board of Registration since 2002.

Reverend Jane’s quest for knowledge is never ending. Reverend Jane attended the American Institute of Holistic Theology where she received her Bachelor of Science in Parapsychic Science in 2004, her Master of Science in Parapsychic Science in 2006, and her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Parapsychic Science in 2009.

Reverend Jane traveled to England in September 2005 to study at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, in Essex, United Kingdom, where she was tutored by several internationally known mediums on a variety of subjects. Reverend Jane completed courses in Trance and Aura at Arthur Findlay College, in England.

Reverend Jane is a Master / Teacher in Hawaiian Huna Reiki since 2007, and a  Master / Teacher in Toltec Nagual Reiki III since 2008.

Reverend Jane is a Certified Reiki III Practitioner and has been a Yuen Method of Healing Practitioner since 2004, Certified in Quantum Touch since 2006, Certified in Kahi Loa Hawaiian Gentle Touch Healing since 2007, Certified in Hawaiian Huna Reiki Practitioner Level I & II since 2007, and Certified in Pranic Healing since 2010.

Reverend Jane completed studies in Healing, Geopathic Stress and Spirit Removal Techniques at the Fellowships of the Spirit, School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, in Lily Dale, NY in 2012, where she learned how to use the powerful knowledge of ancient Egyptian technology, to be able to remove man made and naturally occurring geopathic stress permanently from your home, property or business, etc. The combination of geopathic stress removal technique and powerful spirit removal process, results in immediate and long lasting peace that creates a healing and empowering environment. Reverend Jane studied the simple yet powerful Light Life Tools developed by the late Slim Spurling, and his former partner, Bill Reid, from Denver, Colordado, under the guidance of Reverend Dave Orloski.

Reverend Jane has personally performed Psychic Readings and Energy Healings across the world in over 25 countries since 1998, including: United States, Canada, Mexico, Belize, England, Scotland, Egypt, Chile, Easter Island, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Spain, France, Andorra, and the Bahamas.

Reverend Jane offers guidance through her many Spirit Guides.  See Reverend Jane's Spirit Guides that have come through Trumpet in Séance on the right side of the page. In many cases, Spirit, working though Reverend Jane, offers closure and assurance that with God’s Love and Light, life does indeed continue on.

Reverend Jane - Listed on the Top 10 Psychics in New York!

Reverend Jane is listed on the TOP 10 Psychics in New York! There are many psychics serving the New York area but only a few rank among the Top 10 New York Psychics.

Each New York Psychic listed on the Top 10 has been hand-picked for the quality of their readings, their reliability and customer satisfaction.

Spirit Art by Reverend Mary Berardini
None of the New York Psychics listed on the top 10 psychics have paid for this privilege. 
Top 10 Psychic New York is provided as a free service to the
New York Psychic and Metaphysical Community .

Reverend Jane – Lectures at Universal Light Expo!

Reverend Jane lectures at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio since 2005. The ULE is the largest all-volunteer Metaphysical Holistic Expo in the Midwest. The ULE’s mission is to assist in the teaching of universal consciousness to the community by the community.

Reverend Jane - Teaches Lily Dale Workshops!

Reverend Jane presents workshop on Séance/Circle/Trumpet for (3) years, and on Trance at the prestigious Lily Dale Assembly in Lily Dale, New York (the largest spiritualist community in the world) beginning in 2004.

Reverend Jane – Performed Healings at Chautauqua Institute!

Reverend Jane performed Healings at the prestigious Chautauqua Institute in Chautauqua, New York for three consecutive years, beginning in 2005. 

Reverend Jane - Featured MAX The Crystal Skull!

Reverend Jane featured MAX, the Ancient Crystal Skull,
and his caretaker, JoAnn Parks,
Since 2010.


Reverend Jane – Author Of: "Seance / Circle / Trumpet" !

Reverend Jane has been an Author since 2006. In “Séance / Circle / Trumpet” Reverend Jane shares with you everything you need to know to start and maintain your own séance in a published and ready to go book.

To get your copy, send check or money order for $13.98 per book (US Dollars only),
plus $3.50 shipping (and $1.50 shipping for each additional copy).

Reverend Jane
PO Box 355
Erie, Pennsylvania 16502

Please be sure to include your shipping address.

Reverend Jane – Featured in Reverend Joe Brown’s book: “Psychic Powers, Mediumship Enhancement”!

Reverend Jane is featured in Reverend Joe Brown’s book “Psychic Powers, Mediumship Enhancement”, where he attributes his educational empowerment to Reverend Jane’s classes.

Reverend Jane – Featured in David Bennett’s book: “Voyage of Purpose – Spiritual Wisdom from Near-Death & Back to Life…”!

Reverend Jane is featured in David Bennett’s book “Voyage of Purpose – Spiritual

Wisdom from Near-Death back to Life
”, where, prior to Reverend Jane’s Healing in 2009, he had not been able to feel his toes for 4 years - due to the extensive chemo therapy that he had endured. In this book, David Bennett attributes his corrected Restless Leg Syndrome, and also being able to feel his toes again, to Reverend Jane’s Healing.
ISBN 978-1-84409-565-0


Reverend Jane – Featured in the Lily Dale Mediums League’s Cookbook:     “A Taste of Heaven”!

Reverend Jane is featured in the Lily Dale Mediums League cookbook “A Taste of Heaven” on:
          • Page 104 = Recipe for…Rhubarb Up-Side-Down Cake
          • Page 109 = Recipe for…Date Pudding
          • Page 121 = Recipe for…Sour Cream Rhubarb Pie
          • Page 129 = Recipe for…Easy Peanut-butter Cookies
When you're in Lily Dale, New York be sure to get a copy of "A Taste of Heaven". It's a wonderful cookbook, a collection of nearly 450 favorite recipes contributed by members and friends of the Medium's League. It can be yours with a donation of just $12.00 to the Mediums      League. 

Reverend Jane - Appearing on Television, Radio, Blog Talk & Newspaper!

Reverend Jane has been featured on the following TELEVISION CHANNELS:
  • CAT - Channel 2, Erie, PennsylvaniaSpirit Speaks Television Show
    Reverend Jane can be seen performing “live” readings and healings on the Spirit Speaks Television Show, aired on CAT Channel 2 in Erie, Pennsylvania every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 3 PM.
    Audience members may receive a free reading or healing.
  • A&E - Arts & Entertainment Television
    Reverend Jane facilitated a Séance for A&E TV in Linesville, Pennsylvania.
  • NBC – WGRC - TV Channel 5, Rochester, New York
  • ABC – WJET - TV Channel 24, Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Adelphia Cable - TV Channel 19, Erie, Pennsylvania
  • WGRZ - TV Channel 2, Buffalo, New York

Reverend Jane - featured on the following RADIO STATIONS:

  • WESB 1490 AM - News Radio 1490, Bradford, Pennsylvania
  • WFSE 88.9 FM  - Edinboro Community College, Edinboro, Pennsylvania
  • WFGO 94.7 FM - Froggy 94.7 Erie’s Oldies – Erie, Pennsylvania
  • WJET 1400 AM - Jet Radio News Talk – Erie, Pennsylvania
Reverend Jane - featured on: BLOG TALK RADIO for New York City:
  • Educating and promoting Psychic & Spiritual Awareness.
Reverend Jane - featured in numerous NEWSPAPER ARTICLES:
  • Easter Island in Erie Times Newspaper – 2011
  • MAX the Crystal Skull in Erie Times Newspaper - 2010 
  • Labyrinth in Erie Times Newspaper – 2009
  • Bubba & Labyrinth in Erie Times Newspaper – 2009
  • Spirit Speak TV Show in Erie Times Newspaper Article – 2008
  • Alexandria Bay Psychic Fair in Newspaper Article - 2007
  • Spirit Speaks TV Show in Erie Times Newspaper Article - 2006

Reverend Jane - International Testimonials

“Reverend Jane has opened so many doors for me. She has shown me how to be a person I can be comfortable with.”
Glenda A.
Hamilton, Ontario

“Reverend Jane is very accurate in her readings, and has a great talent for communicating with those on the other side. She is an excellent teacher and healer. I have learned much from her.”
Ron S.
Erie, Pennsylvania

“You are sincere, genuine and have a gift to inspire and teach others. The energy surge that I experienced when I touched your table and hand at the Fair was so strong that I thought I should be able to see it.”
Maryanne D.
Newport, New Yor

“In late September 2001, I was helping some friends at the Body, Soul, Spirit Expo in Toronto, Canada. I had been going through a particularly trying time in my life, losing a loved one and a job at around the same time. Of the many psychics and practitioners, it was Reverend Jane who approached me, sensing my distress. She offered to perform a healing for me on the spot.

I was a little leery at first – I have tried many healers, and while I am a sensitive myself, they are rarely able to touch, much less move my energy (I don’t know why). When I sat down with Reverend Jane though, my emotions definitely reacted, and I could feel the energy moving. I know I have a lot of work left to do, but Reverend Jane’s work definitely knocked something loose. It made a big difference in my attitude and my ability to complete my duties at the show, and I highly recommend Reverend Jane to anyone seeking a healing or reading.”
Brandi J.
Toronto, Canada

“May I and on behalf of my wife Maureen take this opportunity of thanking you for the healing you administered to her during the Anglo-American International Seminar held in Bournemouth, England in September 2005.

May I say that the healing of her severe toothache was met with almost instant relief. The brief talk you gave was also very enlightening. From Maureen’s point of view it eliminated pain that was intensely uncomfortable. She was amazed. Thank you!”
Reverend Raymond Jones, NSAC
Bournemouth, England-United Kingdom

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