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2015 -

Monday Q&A:
Psychic Medium Jane

Rev. Jane Suprynowicz, an international healer medium psychic, poses Jan. 9 for a portrait in her McKean Township home. Surrounding her is a collection of metaphysical artifacts, each containing a spiritual energy. "I'm not in the box of spiritualist, but I consider myself a spiritual person," said Suprynowicz. "I don't want to limit myself to anything. I want to be everything." SARAH CROSBY/ERIE TIMES-NEWS

By Sarah Stemen

Erie Times-News

January 12, 2015 07:48 AM

Some people fear the unknown, the unidentified and the inexplicable.

Not the Rev. Jane Suprynowicz.

"I don't just believe. I know," is her motto.

Suprynowicz, 60, of Erie, bills herself as an international psychic medium and energy healer.

Suprynowicz believes people use and carry energies. She subscribes to to the belief that a person can change his or her energy with some effort and time.

Changing an energy has its benefits, Suprynowicz said, and the first few weeks of 2015 are the perfect time to learn how.

The basics

Name: Rev. Jane Suprynowicz

Lives in: Erie, Pa.

Degree: Ph.D. in Para-Psychic Science Profession, American Institute of Holistic Theology

Job title: International psychic medium and energy healer

Originally from: North Carolina


Facebook page:

ETN: How did you discover your ability to read energies and spirits and to heal them?

JS: When I was 6 years old, I saw Spirit in my grandmother's closet at night.

Spirit presented itself as a white "Casper" the ghost-looking glow.

ETN: Especially being so young, did it scare you? How did you react?

JS: I was not and never have been frightened by Spirit. I felt then as I often do now, in awe at what they can do and produce.

ETN: When did you decide to become a medium?

JS: In 1994 after taking my first mediumship course and experiencing trumpet during a seance.

ETN: What is "trumpet" that you just mentioned?

JS: When trumpet -- an aluminum cone -- goes up in the air without the use of physical hands and voices come out of it, you can have a conversation with Spirit as though they were living. The whole room can hear what is being said.

Since then, my husband and I have experienced almost to the full extent of what the Spiritualist history books are made of, primarily due to sitting seances with a gentleman from Germany that comes to New York to help educate people about Spirit via séances. Our seances have produced moment and voice, but we are still in the fledging stages, I feel. I have been very fortunate to have sat with five different trumpet mediums, as they are called.

ETN: What are the different types of readings that you offer?

JS: I never know what spirit is going to say to people, just holding fast to the thought that people will be told what is most important to them.

Sometimes it is all about particular events in the life of the client or the people or situations around them -- past, present and future. Sometimes a loved one will come through and talk during the whole reading.

ETN: What is a reading like?

JS: First we will talk about you and the past, to establish a foundation of credibility.

Then, we move on into the future, your questions and see if Spirit has anything to say to you.

ETN: Do people ever try to contact their lost loved ones?

JS: Yes.

ETN: Does it ever get weird or dark?

JS: It does not get weird or dark. Never has. I am so well protected by spirit and good energy that negative, which of course is "out" there, does not come into my energy. Spirit and I will not allow it.

ETN: Can people read their own energies and sprits?

JS: Yes.

ETN: For someone who is looking to make their energies more positive, what are some tips or advice you'd offer?

JS: Take my beginning mediumship classes. Taking classes makes you a better person and able to see things in a different light. Not because I said so, but because I will teach you via hands-on techniques. You're able to prove to yourself anything is possible, and when you realize that, nothing is impossible.

The first class you will learn how to see energy (called reading auras), and what the colors mean. You'll learn to feel energy with your hands and learn how to work the dowsing rods as a physical confirmation of what you can do with your energy, as in expanding or contracting your energy.

By the third class, you will be doing readings.

ETN: What kinds of tools do you use in practice?

JS: I don't normally use any for myself but teach many varieties of "tools."

There are all kinds to choose from -- crystal ball, dowsing rods, tarot cards, tea leaves, sand, pendulum, stones, gems, trumpet and more.

ETN: What do each of these tools do for someone in practice?

JS: Some people use these tools on the circuit. I have had students use them also.

Everything is energy, and some people feel better using or seeing a tool being used as opposed to just working with your energy. It's a personal preference.

ETN: What else do I need to know about being a medium?

JS: Like everything else, we all have our own style of working.

It really just depends what you are looking for and the exchange of energy between you and the medium. For example, do you like them even before they do the reading for you? That is always helpful, a good positive energy between the reader and the client.

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